Ode to Favorite Coffee Shop Dog

There is certainly a combination of variables that peel my eyelids apart for each new day.  My internal clock is still ticking in rhythm to the Rooster calls from my time in Tortola, BVI.  I open my windows of world perception at about 6:49 every morning, sometimes I’ll try to go back to sleep, but it never works.  From this point on I jump into routine, as I am guilty of being a creature of habit.

Following a nutritional morning feed, I look forward to the next milestone on my way South to Outer Beaches Realty in Hatteras Island.  Friends and family often wonder if I ever get tired of the 40-minute commute from Kitty Hawk to Waves, but the answer is always the same – “I could think of worse”.  Having lived and worked in Northern Virginia for 6-months, Interstate 495 has left me numb to any amount of road travel frustration.

Next stop is Morning View Coffee House & Roastery, located in Nags Head.  This is where I fuel the caffeine tank, and relax for a minute before my beautiful journey South on Highway 12.  Once I’ve doctored up my Java (2 raw sugars, a shot of honey & cream), I make a comfy landing on the couch, and have a peak at one of Ashley’s tantalizing surf films dancing colorfully on the flat screen.  Joining me is a sweet, quiet, mature lady whose golden hair holds a hint of white.  I can tell she wants to talk to me, but she can’t, so we just sit in silence and watch the movie.  My time here is short, as my next stop will take me across Oregon Inlet to the peaceful beaches of Hatteras Island in an attempt to film my daily beach report video.

She seems to smile as I scratch her head to say goodbye.  I smile, knowing as chance has it, she’ll be here again tomorrow morning to help get my day started on a positive note.  Although, there are mornings of her absence, this just means I’ll make it to work early enough to check a few surf spots.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring her a treat, in hopes of returning the favor of “good morning”.


About Outer Beaches Realty

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  1. Tina Evans Serra

    Love it! Especially the golden hair beauty! What a lucky lady to have coffee with you in the mornings!

  2. Donna Crosswhite

    You have described Maddie perfectly. She is an incredible girl! We are so glad to be a part of your mornings.

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