Whisper Zone: The Spa Koru Experience

In all honesty, Valentine’s Day usually isn’t my thing, and this year was particularly interesting because my girlfriend has never been into it either. So, for the first time in my dating history, Saint Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about pink hearts and sappy stereotypes. In my opinion, love is something that should be expressed through the sharing of real life experiences.

This year for Saint Valentine’s Day, we reserved a couple’s massage at the lovely Spa Koru in Avon. This is truly a unique experience for the both of us. Not because we’ve never had massages before (because we have), but because neither one of us have ever been to Spa Koru. So we were both pretty excited to see what it was all about.

We entered the facility to an inviting and warm atmosphere. The setting had a healthy and natural feel to it.

To the right of the reception desk was the gym. This workout facility was very clean, with virtually every top-of-the-line fitness machine you could imagine. A number of my coworkers spend a lot of time here. Jen, who shares a hall with me in the Outer Beaches Realty office in Waves, works out at this gym nearly every day. (Good for you Jen!)

Directly to the left of the reception area is the retail section. Here you can purchase lotions, oils, apparel, etc.

After checking out the reception area, the gym and the retail section – we were escorted to the “whisper zone”. This is the spa treatment area that hides behind closed doors for maximum tranquility. The whisper zone was comforting with lovely aromas and soothing music.

The locker rooms were very nice and clean. Each locker is equipped with a quality robe, a pair of Spa Koru slippers, and a code lock to keep all of your belongings secure.

I had to get a picture of these awesome slippers!

Once we were changed and prepped for massages, it was time to hang out in the “Relaxation Lounge” until our therapists were ready for us.

Strategically decorated with couches, chairs, plants and books – the relaxation lounge was the perfect place to detach yourself from the outside World, and get into the perfect state-of-mind for a spa experience.

They even had tea, nuts and a triple-option water dispenser with cold, room temperature AND hot water! My kind of place.

Alas, our massage therapists Joshua and Angela greet us in the relaxation lounge. After an introduction, they lead us to the couple’s massage room. They asked us about our bodies, and wanted us to describe any problem areas so they could tailor their therapy to our individual needs. Both therapists were very skilled in their craft. I almost fell asleep a few times, until Angela started working that knot on my right shoulder blade. The setting in the room was very peaceful, and at no time did we feel uncomfortable. Once the session was over, Joshua and Angela advised us to take our time getting up, and to drink plenty of water as our bodies were releasing toxins, and dehydration can occur if you don’t drink plenty of water after a full massage.

In the locker room, you also have access to bathrooms, steam rooms and showers. I opted out of a steam or a shower because I actually enjoyed the way the massage oil smelled on my skin. If I had been working up a sweat in the gym, or doing Yoga, the steam and shower combo would’ve definitely been in store!

The Spa Koru experience was absolutely wonderful. Outer Beaches Realty is proud to include this exceptional facility in our “Love is in the Air” Spring Special Package. If you are excited about Spring (and I know you are), you don’t want to miss out on this package deal. Come on out to Hatteras Island and enjoy true bliss in one of the most unique and beautiful places on Earth. You won’t regret it!

CLICK THIS LINK or click the image below for more details about the Spring Special Package. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Looking at your pictures above and reading your blog made me book a spa visit to Koru Village. You offer more pics than their website. I cannot thank you enough!!

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