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Every now and then, you can find a moment of perfect calm hidden between the dynamic weather patterns of Hatteras Island.  In this case, we had two days of strong northeast flow, followed by a weak high pressure system – creating a southwesterly shift.  Usually (if you’re lucky, or time it right so you’re paying attention) you can find anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours where the wind is absolutely non-existent.

Today, the wind direction was forecasted to switch at around noon.  It is very rare that forecasters nail it on the head like this.  I was heading back to the office after doing a beach report with some friends from Montreal, and I checked the colorful flags that decorate HWY 12 through the Tri-Village area.  As the flags drop, I notice “12:03 pm” greenly glowing from my Jeep’s audio unit.  I turned into the vacant Camp Hatteras parking lot and snapped a few photos, checkmout.

Imagine being a settler during the old Pirate days.  Out of the invisibile distance you hear a series of loud booms that travel swiftly across slick water.  Suddenly, it’s raining canon balls from the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

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  1. Great pictures. I learned when I was a kid visiting that shipwrecks were caused by pirates carrying lanterns, walking up and down on the dunes, so it looked like boats bobbing in the harbor, drawing ships near so they crashed on the rocks and then pirates would loot them. Have the years taken thier toll on those wrecks or can you still see many of them when diving?

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