June T-Shirt Winners!

I would like to start off the awards ceremony by thanking the wonderful facebook fans of Outer Beaches Realty Hatteras Island, NC.  Without your love and support, these limited edition hand-drawn t-shirts would live in cardboard boxes forever.

If the t-shirts could talk they would say:

“Thanks for saving me from this dark and lonely cardboard coffin.  I would love to spend the rest of my life on your back, protecting you from the Sun’s powerful UV rays.  I would love nothing more than to go fishing with you, heck, you can even use me as a rag, anything is better than being folded up into a friggin’ box like a can of sardines!”


The 5 people who referred the most fans and are most deserving to win 2 t-shirts each are (drum rolllllllllllllllllllll):

1. Barbara Johnson

2. Betty Kuhn

3. Susan Lee

4. Theresa Langlois

5. Michelle Brugh

And now for the 5 random winners of 1 t-shirt each:

1. Kurt Heidel

2. Wanda Phillips

3. Mary Runne

4. Beverly Wood

5. Diana George

And to wrap up our June t-shirt giveaways, the winners of the photo caption contest:

After reading through about 450 comments, I came accross about 10 captions that really made me laugh, but I narrowed it down to 2 winners.

1. Dan Berlemann’s caption:

Coming this fall from Warner Brother’s Studios, “Trailer Park Nights in Rodanthe”.

2. Ron Lewis’ caption:

Hatteras, we have a problem

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!  To claim your prizes, please send your size(s) & style(s) to kurtk@outerbeaches.com

We have mens styles available in small to XXL, and womens styles are available in small to XL.

Remember, the first group of 5 winners gets 2 shirts each for being awesome referrals,  the second group of 5 winners gets 1 shirt each for simply participating, and the third group of 2 winners also gets 1 shirt each for my favorite photo captions!

Thanks again for being the best facebook fans in the World, and keep checking our page for specials, contests & giveaways!


Kurt & The Outer Beaches Realty Family


About Outer Beaches Realty

Outer Beaches offers the widest selection of vacation homes on Hatteras Island. From 1-bedroom condos to 8-bedroom mini-resorts, we have you covered! We are PET FRIENDLY, and dedicated to providing the best customer service and accommodations. CHOOSING YOUR OBX VACATION WITH OUTER BEACHES GUARANTEES YOU THE BEST PRICE AND VALUE! Vacation Rentals, Property Management and Real Estate Sales Call Outer Beaches Realty today and get started on planning your next beach vacation. 800.627.1850

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