July Photo Contest Winners

Not only was July a hot month for weather, but it was hot for facebook fan photos as well!  Here are our favorite fan photos from July 🙂

1st place winner - "Ramp 55" posted by Crystal Lynn Thornton

Thanks Crystal!  This photo is beautiful, it reminds me of something you see from the 60s.  I love the contrasting colors and textures in this photo, you win 2 OBR t-shirts for this gem!

2nd place winner - "The Return Trip" posted by Laura Cassanos

This is one of Laura Cassanos’ two entries.  The first one was a shot of the boat heading out to check crab pots, and this one is of the same boat coming back in.  Hence the title, “The Return Trip”.  I love the beauty of this photo with the sheet glassy sound and stunning sunset.  Thanks Laura, this photo earned you an OBR t-shirt!

3rd place winner - "Family" posted by Jane Allwood Adkins

What a photo!  This one really depicts what Outer Beaches Realty is all about, bringing families together on Hatteras Island.  I absolutely love how the eye starts at the textured sand and moves deep into the photo eventually focusing on the thunderstorm over the Atlantic Ocean.  Thanks Jane, this photo earned you an OBR t-shirt!

4th place winner - "Following a Shower" posted by Jenny Kindinger

I love this one!  This is one of those photos that makes you feel like you’re standing right there.  I can hear that truck splashing through sandy puddles while the storm grumbles as it passes overhead.  Stunning photo.  Thanks Jenny, this one earned you an OBR t-shirt!

5th place winner - "Jumping for Joy" posted by Michelle Hamill

This one just puts a smile on my face 🙂  That’s how I feel every morning when I look at the beach on Hatteras Island!  The colorful “Outer Banks” tubes with the Rodanthe Pier in the background puts this one on the top 5 winners list.  Thanks Michelle, this one earned you an OBR t-shirt!

Well that’s all for the July photo contest winners!  Thanks to everyone who posted their beautiful photos of our beloved Hatteras Island.  If these 5 winners would please email kurtk@outerbeaches.com with your t-shirt style, size, and mailing address – we’ll have them to you as soon as possible!  We have mens & womens styles with mens S-XXL, and womens S-XL.

Thanks for reading!

– Kurt & the OBR family


About Outer Beaches Realty

Outer Beaches offers the widest selection of vacation homes on Hatteras Island. From 1-bedroom condos to 8-bedroom mini-resorts, we have you covered! We are PET FRIENDLY, and dedicated to providing the best customer service and accommodations. CHOOSING YOUR OBX VACATION WITH OUTER BEACHES GUARANTEES YOU THE BEST PRICE AND VALUE! Vacation Rentals, Property Management and Real Estate Sales Call Outer Beaches Realty today and get started on planning your next beach vacation. 800.627.1850

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